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The 2020 December Newsletter edition (here)
The 2020 July Newsletter edition
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Altitude with Attitude since 1965 .....
Welcome to IFFR Americas.

We are a group of Rotarian aviation enthusiasts and pilots from five continents sharing the
common interest of fellowship and service. 
Contacts: VP Alan Dias;  Secretary Steve Henderson;  Newsletter Editor Tony Watson;  Webmaster Peter More

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Inaugral fly-in to welcome World President George Chaffey
Minden Group
Rotarian pilots from California and Nevada gather at Minden Tahoe Airport to celebrate
incoming WP George Chaffey.  L-R are PWP Sam Bishop, Tim Puliz (on opposite wing
looking down), Larry Wolfsen, Steve Lewis, Bob Tucknott, Emidio Del Conte with Doreen Freedman, WP George Chaffey, Mike Fish, and R.I. Director Elect Vicki Puliz.

Meet your IFFR 2020-2022 leadership team:

Welcome PDG George Chaffey as IFFR World President 2020-2022
George WP
With a Rotary philosophy of “Have Fun”, George was ’97-98 Governor of District 5160, and Charter Member of Lamorinda Sunrise. As Wing Leader of the “Low & Slow Squadron”, George flies “Lady Bird”, a 1948 Luscombe (and 1983 Reserve Grand Champion Classic at the Oshkosh national Air Show) …“stick and rudder” tail dragger flying.  He and Carol have hosted exchange students from around the world, and she has traveled to India, Bangladesh, Panama, Ghana and Zambia for polio NID, wheelchair, dictionary, Prosthetic hand and Rotaplast projects. For the past two decades, George has taught at PETS and has been responsible for training District Governors in the western United States.  He attended U.C. Berkeley, marched in the Cal Band, and graduated from Boalt Hall.  As Peace Corps volunteers in Liberia, West Africa, George taught law (where he first experienced real bush pilot flying) and Carol taught elementary school.  Since returning, George directed a legal services program and is now a shareholder in Littler Mendelson, an international employment law firm representing employers.  Tail winds to ya’.
Meet and welcome Alan Dias, IFFR Vice President, Americas Region
Alan has been a Rotary and IFFR member for several years, serving on the Board of Directors of LA 5, the fifth Club of Rotary International.  He is a member of the E Rotary Club of Aviation and the Club’s 2020-2021 President.  Along with his wife, Jennie, he resides in La Canada, CA and they are co-owners of a Cessna 182/P based at Whiteman Airport.  Alan is an instrument rated, private pilot and has been flying for 40 years with over 2000 hours.  Many of those hours are logged flying Angel Flight West (AFW) missions throughout the western states.  He has been a Command Pilot with AFW since 1995. The mission of AFW is to provide free air transportation for non-emergency medical and other compelling reasons.  He has held volunteer leadership positions within the Organization as well as  serving as AFW’s Executive Director for six years.  He is looking forward to meeting fellow IFFR members throughout the Americas and working with them to grow the IFFR mission of Fellowship and Service.  He can be reached at archer6911p@gmail.com.  Please welcome him to his new position. Blue skies and tailwinds.
...get the rest of the story here
R.I. Director-Elect Vicki Puliz 2021-2023
Vicki Puliz RID

We are immensely proud to announce that IFFR member Vicki Puliz has just been announced as Rotary International Director for 2021-23. She will be one of 19 Rotarians responsible for Rotary International operations worldwide.


During the past decade Vicki has chaired IFFR's largest section in the Americas, served as a Rotary Public Image Coordinator, and been in charge of training incoming Rotary District Governors and Club Presidents throughout the western United States. Congratulations to Vicki on this great honor and for her hard work in IFFR and Rotary that led to it. Vicki and her pilot husband, Tim Puliz, will participate in IFFR's June 2020 Golden fly Away in California with their twin Pilot Comanche. Come join them.



The July 2020 Newsletter is here.  [click here]
Tour of the IFFR fleet here
IFFR members who are active in Rotary leadership.  See this impressive list, updated 3/24/2016.


Am Flyer Tucknott1
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Some of our Fellowship and Flying events...

Oakland, CA Grand Canyon, AZ Honolulu
Portugal Camarillo, CA Knoxville, TN
St. Hubert, Montreal, Canada Ottawa, Canada Smyrna, TN

Events: 2020
Due to COVID 2019, most of our events were cancelled.  Please contact organizer on tentative events.
Note to Section Chairs: please provide details to Peter More and Tony Watson.

Leeward CANCELLED  2020 South East Section   CANCELLED 
Spring Fly-Out + Sun n Fun
Space Coast Regional (KTIX) and Valiant Air Command Museum
Leeward Air Ranch (FD04), Florida
April 2 to 5, 2020
Flyaway details here.
Contact: Peter Wenk pjwenk@aol.com
GG Bridge CANCELLED  2020 Golden FlyAway  CANCELLED
IFFR 2020 Pre-Convention Flying Activity
Northern California
May 29 to June 4, 2020
Fly Away details here.
Crowne Plaza Hotel Concord, booking information here.
Contact: Tim Freudenthal  Larry Wolfsen
CANCELLED  2020 Rotary Internation Convention  CANCELLED
Honolulu, Hawaii
IFFR Hotel room block details here
June 6 to 11, 2020
Also see the July 2019 Newsletter [click here]  
Contact: Tim Freudenthal

Miss Clayton Alaska Section
Fireweed (0AK8) Fly-In
June 19 - 21, 2020

Details here.  Direction here.
Pictures from 2019 here
Al Clayton  
Wautoma North Central Section
Wautoma Airport Fly-In (Y50)
Wautoma Wisconsin
August 21,, 2020
contact: Tim Freudenthal

PDF flyer here.
F1 Tentative:  South Central Section
2020 F1 USGP - Circuit of the Americas
Fly-In Fayette Regional Air Center (3T5)
La Grange, Texas
October, 2020
contact: Jack Welge
Pictures here



Events: 2019

Banner South East Section
Sun & Fun, Lakeland Florida
April 2 to 7, 2019
Dinner on Friday 4/5
details here

Section Chair Contact: Rankin Whittington 

Congratulations and thanks to Mac Coble for "Showing the Flag" at Sun 'n Fun! Any Rotarian who got a glimpse of that flag would be excited about it, and non-Rotarian pilots might take an interest in Rotary!
Rankin, Southeast Section Chair

Madera South West Section
Madera Sunrise Rotary Fly In
Madera Airport, California

April 6, 2019,  8am - 11am
Details here.

Contact: Penelope Cornwall   or call 559-269-4511
SE spring 2019 South East Section
South East Seafood and Music Fly-In
Kure Beach, North Carolina Fly-In
Pilot's Ridge Aero Plantation 03NC
April 13, 2019
Report and pictures here
details here

Section Chair Contact: Rankin Whittington 
AOPA North East Section
AOPA FlyIn, Fredericks, MD
May 10 - 11, 2019
Contact: Dan Radtke 
PWP2019 R.I. Convention & House of Friendship
June 1-5, 2019
Hamburg, Germany

AGM and Banquet on June 3, 2019  details

Contact: Tim Freudenthal
Photos coming soon
Airbus Hamburg factory Banquet and Airbus Industries - Hamburg, Tour
June 4, 2019
Hamburg, Germany
details here

Contact: Tim Freudenthal

Our tour prohibit photography in the facility.
2019 Hamburg group Post Hamburg Convention Fly Away
June 6 - 15, 2019

See www.iffr.org  
Contact: Tim Freudenthal
Photos coming soon
BlueAngels South East Section
The Great Tennessee Airshow Fly-In

June 8 & 9, 2019

Details here
Paul Lamb  
South West Section Fly In
AOPA in Livermore (LVK)

June 21 - 22, 2019

IFFR lunch 6/22, noon at a restaurant on the field.  Email Penelope and Bob below for details.
Book with: Penelope Cornwall and Bob Tucknott 
Miss Clayton Alaska Section
Fireweed (0AK8) Fly-In
July 12 - 14, 2019

Details here.  Direction here.
More pictures here
Al Clayton  
EAA North Central Section
Air Venture Fly-In
July 22 - 28, 2019
Details on the July 2019 Newsletter [click here]  
Contact: John Ockenfels (primary); Tim Freudenthal
2019OSH North Central Section
Air Venture Rotary Lunch
Wednesday July 24, 2019  noon  
Details on the July 2019 Newsletter [click here]  
Contact: John Ockenfels (primary); Tim Freudenthal
TX Balloon South Central Section Fly In
Great Texas Balloon Race at East Texas Regional (KGGG)

Details on the July 2019 Newsletter [click here]  
July 26 - 28, 2019

Contact: Jack Welge  
Nanaimo1 Northwest Section
Fly In to Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada (CYCD)
August 3, 2019
Details on the July 2019 Newsletter [click here]  
Contact:  Joyce Clark   
Alaska Alaska Section
Bold Strip (A13) Fly-In, Near Anchorage
August 31, 2019

Full report here.  More pictures here
Contact: Al Clayton
logo2019 South West Section
Join Portola/Norvino Rotorians for a Pancake Breakfast Fly-In
at Beckworth Airport (O02)
September 8, 2019
Details on the July 2019 Newsletter [click here]  
Sign up with:
Penelope Cornwall and Sam Wilbanks woody5190@gmail.com
Hangar Hotel South Central Section Fly In
Lunch at the Airport Diner at the Hanger Hotel
Fredericksberg (T82)

September 14, 2019

Details on the July 2019 Newsletter [click here]  
Contact: Jack Welge  
Reno Airrace South West Section Fly In
Reno Air Race at Stead Airport (no fly-in)
Fly in airport Carson City or Reno

September 12 - 13, 2019
Limited Pit Wrist Band for IFFR members, Puliz BBQ on September 13. 
details here and on the July 2019 Newsletter [click here]  
Sign up with:
Penelope Cornwall   
2019 Fall SE Kentucky/Tennessee Squadron
The Fall Fly Out to Sikeston, MO (KSIK) and Halls, TN (M31)

Sunday September 28, 2019

Lunch at Lambert's Cafe then Dyersburg Military Museum.
Full details here: [pdf]  [jpg]
Contact: Paul Lamb
Flabob1 South West Section Fly In
EAA in Flabob (KRIR)

September 21, 2019
details here and Details on the July 2019 Newsletter [click here]  
Contact: Penelope Cornwall   
AT6 South Central Section Fly In
Commemorative Air Force Wings Over Houston
Galveston (KGLS)

October 19 - 20, 2019
Details on the July 2019 Newsletter [click here]  
Contact: Jack Welge  
Pioneer Museum South Central Section
Wings & Wheels Fly-In
Pioneer Flight Museum, Kingsbury, Texas

November 9 - 10, 2019

Details on the July 2019 Newsletter [click here]  
Contact: Jack Welge  

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Note:  IFFR operates in accordance with Rotary International policy, but is not an agency of, or controlled by, Rotary International.